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AWF Changes

Сообщение JMSmith » 21 апр 2008, 16:49

Hello gentlemen,

some of you may already know that (AWF) is now members only, i have only done this to get rid of the spam members, that is all those that are not activated, this do's not mean you have to post a message, when you joined i activated your membership, if the username was not activated it was because they where not real.
to delete all these i must first make sure all you real guys can see the site in full, if you can't, then log in, if you still can't then contact me at this address,

this is all part of a site clean up and improvement.

anyone that as not been to AWF, then you don't know what you are missing, many of my members are writers, artist and publishers, the site is huge, and i have my own image upload with a massive storage space.

oh the address is,

Trent, could you please place this in the right section, i need to reach as many of my members as possible,
thank you


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