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Search Query Problems

Сообщение Nacht » 11 окт 2008, 05:34

The Search function here is actually very bad. The use of a Cyrillic base causes the letter function to improperly work to ANSI character sets used in the base forum code.

The input of a search by example of the term: Sutton

This gives nothing found which is absurd. I can never locate a book using this search utility on this website! What can be done to fix this major error in coding of this forum? The search utility is basically too cumbersome and technicaly complicated with too many options... there are simply not enough books here to warrant such a search function. Make it simple!
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Сообщение Teutonic » 11 окт 2008, 10:05

My Windows version causes the problem other way around. No problems with ANSI, no result in Cyrillic.

Would it be possible to implement a google site-search engine, as i.e. on ?


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